Daily Care Of Genuine Leather Products

- Mar 01, 2019-

1. After contact with the outside world for a long time, there is moisture within the leather inside. The leather products should often be placed in a ventilated air drying, to prevent the breeding of bacteria, also can be stored in the right amount of moisture-proof beads.

2. When real leather is affected with damp carelessly, should use dry cloth to absorb moisture and put it in ventilated and cool place, let is dry naturally. Leather wallets or other leather products cannot be put in burning sun or dry with hairdryer. It will be easily out of shape if it is not cared cautious.

3. leather should not be placed in the environment of too high temperature, too low and too high humidity, or easy to wear, especially for the leather portfolio and leather journals.

4. For genuine leather cleaning, do not rinse with water or wipe with chemical reagents. Use cotton cloth with soft brush to wipe.