Different Methods Of Binding For Notebook

- Aug 20, 2019-

Paperback notebook binding methods are divided into flat nails, riding nails, adhesive binding, loose-leaf binding, thread binding and so on.

1.Flat nails: i.e. iron wire flat nails. It is to print pages by folding with wire nail, and then packed with leather cover. It is used for common books binding. 

2 Riding nails: it is to fold the printed pages  with a book together with the cover, in the middle of the book with wire binding method. For this binding, the pages of which can be flattened and easily read, is used in the binding of magazines and generally thinner books.

3. Adhesive binding is the binding method of binding the book block by folding and matching into a book, cutting at the edge of the binding, and then gluing on the spine to stick the book page and cover it. It is very similar to traditional backpacking. Because of easy to harden glue, page of  Adhesive binding of books is easy to fall off and not strong enough. For those books which do not used frequently, it can be bound wirelessly.

4. Loose-leaf binding: it is a single page between the binding. Generally  it is used for leather notebooks, calendars, photo albums, etc.

5. Thread binding is the strongest and most ideal binding method in paperback books, except for the cover, the inner page binding is exactly the same as the hardcover. By folding and then into a book block, with a threading machine to connect the pages, and then packed to cover.This kind of binding is not restricted by the book thickness which is more convenient to read.