Hardcover Notepad And Loose-leaf Notebook

- Apr 18, 2019-

The difference between loose-leaf notebook and ordinary notepad is mainly divided into the following categories: 

1. Loose-leaf notebook  is with ring binder and solid fixed which can be repeatedly turned. While the ordinary hardcover notebook is glued or wire bound and the inner page of  which will fall off when repeatedly turned.

2. The pages can be randonly torn from Ring binder notebook and  tear a page from ordinary diary may destroy the structure and use of the whole book.

3. Loose-leaf notebook is flexible to use and can be disassembled, replaced and combined with paper at will to meet users' DIY preference, while ordinary notepad cannot be replaced with paper.

Leather cover is suitable for both the ring binder notebook and hardcover bound dairy. Cow leather or faux leather can be used to make diary cover.