How To Adapt To Suit Post-COVID-19 Environment

- Nov 19, 2020-

We are in the environment that revives from the covid-19 most quickly around world. Though factory and office men works as before, but something has changed outside of the country. Hence we have to consider about how to adapt ourselve to suit the post-covid-19 world. 

To prepare, here's what you need to consider around the world. 

People have less in-person informal and social conversations. Some plan or decision can not be made as quicky as before. By keeping staff physically distant, there will be fewer opportunities for in-person conversations. People can no longer simply look up from the monitor and ask a quick question, for example, or roll the chair over to one's colleague’s desk to talk through an idea. Neither can people crowd into a meeting room for an in-person consultation with all the teammates. Things are going on slowly. We need to make more time to process an order. It brings a lot time cost when doing a order. 


There is shortage in shipping ability and this makes supplier great pressure in shipping cost. It changes a lot each week which affect the stablity of the order. Espeally for some goods with heavy weight, such as leather notebook, the shipping cost affect the uint cost a lot.