How To Choose Leather Gifts

- Aug 19, 2019-

If you want to send leather gifts to your customers, employees, leaders, partners and others, it is important to consider the  occasion and who will receive the gift. Sometimes do not look at what gift companies recommend to you, you also have to have a certain subjective awareness. But the subjective awareness should not be too strong, you need to consider if it is suitable. 

Card holder or key bag: these are the two cheapest items in leather, so if you want to give your boss or partner something, it's definitely not a good idea. However you can give your client (the client that accepts commonly), salesperson or person who atten meetings.

Suit wallet: generally people who use suit wallet are very tasteful. Here you can give it to your leaders, and to civil servants and people in related jobs.

Clutch bag: Not all the people use clutch bag. So when you choose it, you can get to see if the people you sent need it.  There is a reminder that your company logo can not be obvious. Pls remember that simple is good, if the logo is too big, the person who receive the gift will not use it. 

Briefcase or portfolio: These two items are suitable for office ladies or office men. 

Leather Gift Set: compared to single gift, the gift set includes several items. Perhaps one item is not suitable for him, but the rest of can fit. So at the time of giving gifts, if you do not have a clear idea, the leather gift set will be a good choice.