How To Find A Reliable Factory

- Jun 18, 2019-

Finding a good supplier is like finding a good husband. How do we choose a  manufacturer of leather folder, leather portfolio, leather wallet, journal, loose-leaf notebook, etc., we can select from the following points:

1) business years, i.e. industry experience; Generally speaking, the quality of new factories is not very stable.

2) whether there are successful cases of cooperation with major customers. If frequent cooperation with large customers, it shows that the enterprise has more strength.

3) treat customers as they are and do what they say; Very simple, whether he promises you to carry out and fulfill one by one, if often exaggerated, it is not credible. A good supplier, this is the most basic condition.

Le Young  focus on customing leather, loose-leaf notebooks and other leather gift production which has more than 10 years of industry experience and has many successful cooperation case with the world top 500 brands. We insist the management idea  "practice what you preach, integrity win-win, quality for this, service is supreme" , and has been conscientiously abide by business ethics for years.