How To Identify The Dermal Bag

- Oct 12, 2018-

The registered trademark logo of the leather logo is an artistic deformation pattern consisting of a whole sheep, a pair of horns and a skin type. The overall pattern is rounded. The color of the pattern body is black on white, and only three letters are red. The meaning of the pattern: cattle, sheep and pigs are the three main natural leather materials of leather products. The pattern is round drum. On the one hand, it symbolizes the rotation of the main processing equipment of the tanning industry, on the other hand, it symbolizes the development of the leather industry.

1. Smell the smell first. The taste of artificial leather has a pungent smell similar to plastic, and the taste of leather is special.

2, but also look at the ductility of leather. The leather is soft and elastic. Artificial leather is much worse.

3, then there is to look at the pores. Generally, the outer leather garments are mostly sheepskin, and the appearance of the sheepskin is fish scales, which are well recognized. The pores of the artificial leather are uniform, while the pores of the leather are irregular.