How To Identify The Quality Of Leather

- Jul 24, 2019-

The so-called genuine leather refers to various characteristics of the leather material including strength, feel, color and pattern. Genuine leather is made from the original skin which is peeled from cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, deer or some other animals and then tanned and processed in the leather factory.

1. Good leather feel very good and is breathable; Although also be real, the permeability of poor leather is poorer  and does not feels as comfortable at that of good leather. 

2. Water can be used to test whether the leather is good or bad. Good leather with water droplets will change color; And when the water droplets on the poor leather,  water does not blend into the leather and the colorn will not change. Somebody mistakes that the color of bad leather changes when water drop on the serface.  This is error exactly.

3. Good leather will loose color after long time using but after wiping with polish, it can restore original state.This is because the pores of good leatherare obvious which can adsorp the polish on the surface of leather; And the color of poor leather makings won't fade. After long time, the color is dim and also cannot restore with polish.This is because the poor leather has to go through multiple layers of coating, pores have been coated, it can not adsorpt polish color.

4. Good leather only need slightly water-based processing on the surface; And the poor leather that differ needs mutiple level to decorate which often can pass water ability, oily coating. And formaldehyde is high in oily coating, hence it is not environmental friendly. 

5. Good leather may have slight defects or neck wrinkles, but poor leather will not show any defects.

For the high quality men wallet, usually good leather is chosed to make. Pls find the one below for reference. 

leather wallet