How To Maintain Your Wallet

- Jun 17, 2019-

A purse is primarily a device for holding money, but it can also reveal a person's taste and temperament. So don't underestimate your wallet, and don't neglect the maintenance of it, it may cause others to change their view of you.

Generally speaking, leather wallet at least  should be cleaned once a week with a clean towel after water wring dry, and repeat a few times for light swab;Try it in an unobtrusive corner before using detergent.If you spill drinks on leather, use a clean cloth or sponge to dry them. Do not use a blower. If touch grease, use dry cloth to wipe it  clean, remaining by its natural dissipation, or after cleaner is cleaned, cannot swab with water. No one has invented leather sunscreens, so don't get too much sun.Cowhide bags and purses when not in use, it is best to store in cotton instead, do not put into plastic bags, because the air in plastic bags does not circulate, will make leather dry and damaged.Pack some soft toilet paper to keep the shape of the bag.Old pillowcases work well if you don't have a proper cloth bag.

Leather bags, like shoes, are another type of active substance. If you use the same wallet every day, it will easily cause elastic fatigue of the leather. Therefore, like shoes, you should use them in several different ways. Leather bag if not carefully wet, can first dry with dry towel moisture, and then plug in some newspapers, magazines and the like, do not directly in the sun exposure, that will make your beloved bag fade, deformation.