What are the ingredients of pu artificial leather

- Oct 12, 2018-

The natural leather content of PU synthetic leather is widely used in the production of daily necessities and industrial products because of its excellent natural characteristics. However, with the growth of the world population, the demand for leather is limited, and natural leather can no longer be satisfied. People's needs. In order to solve this problem, scientists began to develop artificial leather and synthetic leather decades ago to make up for the shortage of natural leather. The learning history of more than 50 years is the process of artificial leather and synthetic leather challenging natural leather.

From the study of the chemical composition and structure of natural leather, scientists began to enter the first generation of artificial leather PVC artificial leather from the nitrocellulose fabric. On this basis, the content of polyurethane artificial leather was improved and explored, firstly the substrate was modified. Sex, then modified and improved the modified resin.