Is The Oil Wax Leather Genuine Leather

- Jul 18, 2019-

Yes, the oil wax leather is genuine leather. 

Oil wax leather is a kind of leather material with superior and natural top layer cowhide, which is formed by dyeing, oiling and waxing with soft, elastic and great tension. It is a kind of fashion product with antique artistic effect. 

Because the water absorption of oil wax leather is strong, which is a type of discolored leather. Hence pls pay attention to be waterproof and moistureproof in daily use to prevent oily and moist. 

Waxy leather is a kind of leather making process, which is quite different from ordinary leather. It is the favorite of high-end furniture leather. Oil wax leather is a special leather effect formed by polishing, oiling and waxing the top layer of cowhide, which is a kind of fashionable leather craft with archaize art effect, and also the first choice of various world brands. 

Its water absorption and oil absorption is strong. For the part that is stick to the water and oil, leather color will become dark. It is the characteristics of oil waxy leather actually which let it give a person a kind of nostalgic with the feeling of vicissitudes of life. 

The bright effect of the surface of the oil wax leather, as if knead a oily wax to go in leather surface. Just fold the leather only or knead, the complexion of the base color can be seen from the blending.