Artificial leather production method

- Oct 12, 2018-

The formation of polyurethane microporous structure to achieve the purpose of adjusting the leather feel and physical and chemical properties. The artificial leather industry uses a variety of coagulation regulators. According to different mechanisms, there are two types: crystal and surfactant type.

The crystal solidification regulator adjusts the microstructure in a "dissolution-crystallization-elution" manner. That is, the handle of the regulator is dissolved in the polyurethane solution, and precipitates from the solution during solidification to form crystals. After solidification, the crystal It is washed away during the washing process. The crystal solidification regulator is based on temperature regulation and can be dissolved or crystallized by temperature change to realize the adjustment of the microporous structure of polyurethane.

Surfactant type coagulation, regulator to change the surface tension of the interface as a means of regulation, to affect the diffusion speed between DMF / water molecules, to achieve the purpose of adjusting the speed of the cured polyurethane microporous structure, is the most commonly used means of regulating the artificial leather industry. 1. Imitation 101 film artificial leather is a special kind of strict leather used for condensation regulator.