Maintenance Of Leather Wallet

- May 29, 2019-

Cowhide wallet is mainly made of the first layer of cowhide, so in daily maintenance should pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. If you accidentally get a cowhide purse wet, the correct way to handle it  is that  first use a dry cloth to absorb the moisture on the wallet, and then put it in the shade and let it dry naturally. Must not put wet leather wallet to be placed directly below sunshine insolate or blow with air blower, also cannot be put beside air conditioning blow which will lead to the phenomenon of leather stuff blowout.

  2. If the leather wallet is found to have stains, do not use bilizhu and other chemical products to wipe themselves.Different leather goods has different processing method completely, autogenous processing is easy to injure leather purse instead, had better be to take professional leather to have conserve an orgnaization to undertake cleaning or repair. And the natural grease of leather itself can be as time more long or use time overmuch and reduce gradually, because this even is very advanced leather also needs to do regularly maintain.

The cowhide purse that wants to collect beyond the season, had better undertake cleanness and nurse first before receive, must put clean stuff inside the bag (for example: broken paper group or cotton unlined upper garment), in order to maintain the shape of leather bag, put leather bag into dustproof bag again next undertake collecting.

Cabinets containing cowhide purses must be kept well ventilated, preferably cloakrooms or closets with shutters, and preferably without too many items.If damp environment, can put a few moistureproof bead inside the bag.

How is the dirt on cowhide purse cleared?

After using a cowhide purse for a period of time, you will find some dirt, grease or holes on it. What can you do?The following methods can be used for removal and care:

(1) dirt: first wipe the surface with a soft cloth, a little vaseline, soak for a moment, wipe with a cloth, avoid water or gasoline wipe.

(2) greasy: can be dipped in a cloth to remove neutral detergent, avoid contact with acid and alkali.

(3) cracks: small cracks on the leather surface, grinding, can be used to grind ink egg white, color skin can be used corresponding watercolor pigment, repeated daub, wait for dry and then wipe leather coat polish or vaseline.

(4) break: with baide adhesive and other high quality adhesives evenly coated on both sides of the cut, wait for 8 ~ 10 minutes, tighten the break, alignment adhesion, and finally use an eraser to remove the residual glue in the break.

(5) damp: can only be placed in a cool and dry place natural air drying, avoid insolation, fire bake.