Multifuction Leather Notebook

- Jul 04, 2019-

Everyone has a smartphone in mordern time, when talking about notebook, 80 percent of people will think of a computer  or laptop. The notebooks' function of pure record has been gradually degraded, but at the same time, it has been given an interesting personality, sometimes even a versatile fashion boutique, which makes you look fashionable and cultured.

In the definition of Chinese people, "business diary is a small notebook to record work". If this book can keep track of things, with calculator and usb flash drive and also can hold business CARDS, How good would that be? So the latest trend is leather notebook with USB drive. 

USB leather notebook

Whether it's a brand or not, notebooks ranging from a few dozen yuan to a couple hundred yuan which can get you started on a stylish, plan-filled year. Leather notebooks or diaries from Le Young are with functional diversification, keep pace with the trend of times.