Paper Used For Leather Notebook

- Sep 16, 2019-

What kind of paper is used during customization of leather notebook? 

Firstly the quality of the paper. Custom notepad manufacturers generally choose beige woodfree paper and pure white wood pulp paper, the quality of these two different kinds of paper  belongs to the two superior quality in the same types of  paper.This paper is with small scalability, ink absorption uniformity, smoothness, texture close opaque, water resistance, a strong sense of three-dimensional also it is inexpensive. 

Secondly the color of the paper. As you know, beige paper is soft in color which is an option for notepad writers. Pure white paper have a stimulating effect on the eyes in strong light. If looking at white paper for a long time, it will make eyes tired, easy to shed tears.

Thirdly, the thickness of the paper. Notebook paper comes in two thicknesses: 80g and 100g. 80 grams of paper is slightly thinner than 100 grams of paper, about the same thickness as our ordinary writing paper. Both kinds of paper can be used for inner pages, the difference between the two kinds of paper is: 80 grams of paper is a little thinner, the writing feeling will be more comfortable; And 100 grams of paper is more stiff, writing sense is not as good as 80 grams, each has its own advantages.

Fourthly, paper fluency. Paper writing fluency is very important, it is affected by the process of making paper (sizing), a good paper surface must be smooth, smooth writing. Poor quality paper, writing with astringent feeling, and paper is with more miscellaneous points.