Purchasing Preferences Of Leather Wallets

- May 27, 2019-

In the leather wallet market, there are different purchasing preferences for different people, pls find it as below:

 1. Prefer color

Boys generally choose the versatile black or brown wallet, among which black is the choice of most boys, while girls are more complicated and their favorite colors vary.She often decides the color of her purse according to her clothes or handbag.

2. Prefer style

In terms of style, the style of men's wallet itself is not much, so boys will not attach great importance to style relatively. Of course, there are many requirements on the style of a girl's purse, such as long style, short style, mini style and so on.

3. Prefer brands

Boys prefer branded, high-quality, durable wallets that are rarely replaced. They are relatively loyal to the brand.The majority of girls buy wallets not because of the good quality, but to see their favorite color and their clothes match, or beautiful style will buy, for the brand loyalty is not high.Girls can buy dozens, more than one hundred.But I may buy several at home. And the replacement speed is fast.When girls shop, they also prefer items that are on sale. 

According to the above description.The new product launched by our company can make some changes accordingly. Men wallets can still be predominantly black and brown. But it can attract customers in style.Be handsome. .In the busy street to make their own stores for sales, women wallets, our company first  make follow the trend of the wallet according to the annual popular elements.This way the style and color will quickly approach the fashionista. As for girls' preference like discount, we can carry out promotional activities. Also giving the small gift the activity when reach certain amount to satisfy the girl's beg incorruptible psychology. Or having the promotion activity that undertakes holiday.