The Characteristic Of Leather Organizer

- Apr 04, 2019-

The leather filofax Usually also called the multifunctional manual, multifunctional notebook, multifunctional notepad, multifunctional efficiency manual, multifunctional notepad;Literally, a organizer that can be used for any purpose. In fact, the universal manual and notebook (here no refers to the computer), notepad is the same, are used to record things in the book, but the multifunctional organizer with more uses, such as the pen, documents, name cards or credit cards can be inserted. 

Actually The difference between leather handbooks and ordinary notepad is that it is with Loose leaf ring binder, which often can change inside pages, even it is the inside pages of a monthly plan, financial plan, meeting minutes, etc.  In addition, due to the universal handbooks are binding, we call it a loose-leaf (Loose - leaf notebook), also called loose-leaf notebook, loose-leaf notebooks .Some specially designed loose-leaf books are also called efficiency organizer. The organizer or planner can be made of cowhide leather, imitation leather or nylon material.