The Customization Of Leather Diary

- Sep 25, 2019-

Diary not only became office and school supplies, but also gradually established a foothold in the gift market and Slowly became a gift. Nowadays a lot of people choose to use the diary as a gift to send to their customers.

Customized leather diary can be printed with corporate LOGO by the way of embossing, bronzing silver, laser, UV, color printing, crystal epoxy, screen printing and so on. Common size have 64K, 48K, 32K, 25K, 16K. There are loose-leaf notebooks with 26 holes, 20 holes, 9 holes and so on.

Because of the needs of the enterprise and to better promote the enterprise, this customization of the dairy is divided into special edition and current version two kinds. Special edition is to print enterprise information on the inside pages, such as enterprise logo, or slogan, the cost of which is much higher than common edition, but also with better propaganda effect; For the current version,  as its name implies there is ready-made printing version, which do not have any additional changes because it can be universal, it will be cheaper than the price of special edition.