The Development Of Leather Industry

- May 08, 2019-

The leather industry covers the main industries such as leather, footwear, leather garment, leather goods, fur and its products, as well as supporting industries such as leather chemical industry, leather hardware, leather machinery and accessories. Upstream and downstream are in high correlation which rely on market pull and evergreen of products, set foreign exchange earning, riching people and employment as main of the characteristics.

China's leather industry, after adjustment and optimization of the structure, has initially formed a number of specialized division of labor clear, prominent characteristics, plays a decisive role in stimulating the local economy of leather production and professional markets.Their formation, laid the foundation that Chinese leather industry develops.

As the market is in increasingly fierce competition, it is not easy for Chinese leather industry to make such achievements, which proves the vitality and strength of Chinese leather industry.The total global leather demand is about 100 million square meters, equivalent to the output of 300 million pieces of cow-hide (standard leather). The Chinese leather output is equivalent to nearly 70 million pieces of standard leather, accounting for 23.33% of the global leather output. But Chinese leather shoes and its related industries enterprise also should face to, in the 21st century, we there are deficiencies in many ways, even though China is leather production country in the world, but not powerful one in leather, is still in the weak position in terms of quality, value, need in the market environment to hone and improvement.