The Difference Of Common PU & Color-changed Pu

- May 22, 2019-

Many customers will have such doubts. Why is the price of the discolorated PU different from that of ordinary PU? TWhat's different?

In fact, there are many differences:

Color changing PU is more environmentally friendly and green than ordinary PU.The color changing resin is added into the PU surface layer and BASE layer of leather and soaked. It is made after process of  releasing the paper veneer or embossing, printing.

Discoloration PU has its unique characteristics (thermocompression discoloration); Ordinary PU, embossing will not change color. "Color-changing leather" is a kind of advanced leather made by special technology, which feels comfortable and has certain damping. Design a good pattern or text, according to the degree of refinement, first need to make "copper engraving", through the hot pressing machine behind the layer of color level will become dark. Such as: bright red to dark red, grass green to dark green, orange to dark yellow, brown coffee, purple to black.The leather pattern after color change is noble and dignified, suitable for the cover of hardcover notebook, the cover of high-grade notebook, the cover of high-grade gift box, notepad, diary, and conference folder and so on.

Thermochromic PU is a fashion combining environmental protection and thermochromic. It is applied to cover of hardcover notebook, top grade notebook, top grade gift box, notepad, diary, manager folder and so on.