The Difference Of Sheepskin And Goat Leather

- Mar 21, 2019-

Sheepskin leather: The layer contains much fat. The leather is lax with fine grain and good, but it is not very firm.

Goat leather: The fat content in the layer is not very much. The fibrous tissue is plumper than sheepskin leather and is compact and durable.

The differences: The grain of sheepskin leather is fine and glossy; the pore of goat leather is clear and the leather is flexible. The costume made of any sheep leather owns beautiful patterns, gentle and natural gloss. It is light, soft and flexible, but its strength is worse than cattle leather and pig leather.

Both the sheepskin and goat leather can be used to made high quality men and women wallet, women purse,passport cover and even diary cover. For the padfolio or portfolio, some one also would like to use sheepskin leather to make it have soft touching.