The Maintainence Of Women Wallet

- Jun 03, 2019-

Keep your wallet dry and in a cool, well-ventilated place.

Avoid exposure to the sun, fire, water washing, sharp objects impact and contact with chemical solvents.

Wallet without any waterproof treatment procedures, when make the wallet wet, please use a soft cloth to wipe dry, to prevent stains or watermark and make the surface appear wrinkles.

Special care should be taken if used in rainy days.

Do not use shoe polish casually, Pls remember it. 

Wet water should be avoided for grinding sand skin. Clean and care with raw rubber and special articles. Do not use shoe polish.

Care should be taken to protect all metal fittings. Wet and salty conditions can cause oxidation.

When leather purse is not used, had better be saved in cotton cloth generation, do not put in plastic bag, because the air inside plastic bag does not circulate, can make leather damaged by dryness. Pack some soft toilet paper to keep the shape of the bag.Old pillowcases work well if you don't have a proper cloth bag.

Wallets, like shoes, are another type of active substance. Using the same wallet every day can easily lead to elastic fatigue in the cortex.So like a shoe, you have several interactions;If your wallet gets wet, soak it up with a dry towel and stuff it with newspaper.

Magazines and the like dry in the sun, but don't expose them directly to the sun, which will make your beloved wallet fade and deformed.