The Most Important Exporter Of Raw Cowhide In The World

- Nov 23, 2018-

Europe is the most important exporter of raw cowhide in the world. The main exporting countries are Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Russia, France, Germany and Portugal. 

In Europe, the climate is suitable for grazing and breeding methods. Therefore, German raw cowhide, British raw cowhide and French raw cowhide are good raw materials for leather production. In contrast, Belgium, Portugal, and Ireland are inferior. In Italy, the United Kingdom, and Russia, many raw leather traders have been buying raw cowhide for many years, and they are concentrated in Italy or Russia for pickling and grading and sold to the rest of the world. This part of Africa is the world's leading low-grade raw cowhide production area. However, South African calfskin has a clear skin texture, a smooth hand, and a flexible leather. Because of its scarce production, it is often used to make smaller leather goods (leather bags, wallets, etc.).