The New Normal In Post Pandemic Era

- Jul 30, 2020-

What used to be right is now considered wrong. Pandemics prevent humans from making direct, physical contact with each other. The best way to avoid other people is not to see, talk with, touch and mingle with them. This will bring us back to the traditional class consciousness.

This kind of traditional discriminatory behavior would eventually further divide communities, societies and, of course entire nations. Those who have privilege or can afford medicine or equipment to recover from the disease will be the winners and the rest will be the losers. 

The stride for an open, free, rule-based and truly globalized international order, which the international community has pursued and dreamed of for the past three decades must be put on hold, at least for the time being. This era’s customs, ideas or rules may not return even once the pandemic is over.

As noted earlier, as mankind made progress, the threat posed by pandemics grew accordingly. That might change however, now that humans have started moving into the virtual area on the internet. Fortunately, pandemics cannot occur in cyber space and only computer viruses can destroy virtual reality.

COVID-19 itself will not produce anything because it only destroys what is already in existence. It is and must be humans and artificial intelligence-assisted machines that produce something new. It should be remembered that after the plague in the 14th century came the era of the Renaissance at the close of the Middle Ages.