The Pattern Classification Of Leather Wallet

- Apr 11, 2019-

A traditional wallet is one that people carry around to make money or other small items, and it has been a symbol of people's taste and status since ancient times.

A wallet is a small bag that contains money, bank CARDS, credit CARDS, and other monetary instruments, usually about the size of a palm. In addition to these functions, a wallet can now be used as a carry-on accessory or as a family photo folder.

Leather Wallet can be divided into long wallet, short wallet according to its style. Medium and long wallets are rectangular in shape and long in length.If you have a lot of stuff and want to keep your wallet in a bag, choose a medium or long bag. Compared with short wallets, long wallets are also more atmospheric. Short wallets are short in length and width, usually close to a square. If money is often packed in pockets, a short purse is appropriate.     

We use cowhide leather or sheet leather to make different types of wallet. Also imitation leather can be used as per your budget.