The Process Of Making Genuine Leather

- May 23, 2019-

Leather products are regarded by many people as a symbol of status and taste.The manufacturing process of genuine leather products mainly includes three stages: preparation, tanning and finishing.

Preparation process

The preparation process is usually carried out in the drum or tank, the specific steps include pre-immersion, main immersion, hair removal, liming, re-liming and so on.The preparation process is used to remove impurities from the skin and the separated fibers in preparation for the tanning process .In the preparation stage of leather making, emulsion or other chemical AIDS, such as water dispersing AIDS, hair dispersing agents and so on, are used to keep the leather shiny and soft in the process of tanning and finishing.

The tanning process

The tanning process is the key to the leather processing and also an important factor to determine the quality of various leather products.There are two tanning methods for leather: vegetable tanning and chrome tanning. Chrome tanning is widely used in light leather products.

Vegetable tanning is suitable for heavy leather products. In the process of tanning, vegetable tanning is to use vegetable tanning materials, such as skin, dry, leaves and fruit, together with leather, so that the leather is soft and elastic and the fiber structure is compact.

The finishing process

Finishing is the last step in the leather making process. Although the leather is tanned to form, it has not reached a certain appearance effect requirements; Hence leather must pass arranging and decorating in order to achieve use requirement. Finishing process will include painting, coloring, polishing, printing, embossing and other processes.