Types Of Wallet Customization

- Sep 06, 2019-

With the development of The Times and the continuous optimization and development of online payment, people's mentality of "dispensable" for leather wallets has been gradually spread. For the future of wallet customization, we have new ideas. 

Types of customization:

 1. Ordinary customization: that is regular customization by merchants

 2. Brand customization: it has its own brand logo or patented products, which can be processed by authorized manufacturers

 3. Customization: for individuals or small groups, the quantity is usually small but the requirements for products are high, and the production profit is also high.

Choices of customiztion:

  1. Material customization: including both PU leather and real leather 

  2. Color choice: it can be done as per the Pantone color code 

  3. Logo branding: including embossing, foil stampping, silk printing etc. 

  4. Packing: gift box packed or other requirement.