What Affects People Choose A Wallet

- Jun 04, 2019-

(I) reasons for the selection of gender variables

Since wallet products are developing to our daily necessities, both men and women will use wallets. According to this phenomenon, our products are divided into men's and women's styles, so gender is an essential factor for us to choose as a variable.

(ii) reasons for the selection of income variables

Since the wallet exists as a consumer product, it is necessary to have the ability to consume, so we need to make different plans according to the different consumption ability of consumers, to understand the ability of consumers, we must understand the income of consumers, so as to judge their consumption ability.

(iii) reasons for selecting age and occupation variables

Different ages like different styles, different ages have different consumption ability, different ages of different consumer psychology.The main reason for career choice is that our products are aimed at college students and white-collar workers. As the mainstream of wallet consumption, they tend to buy wallets more frequently than other people.

(iv) reasons for choosing the place of purchase

Consumers tend to choose their own buying places according to their buying habits.

(v) reasons for the purchase motivation

People are buying wallets for utility, for cheapness, for novelty and so on.Understanding their purchase motivation is more conducive to the development of the corresponding marketing plan.

(vi) reasons for selection of purchasing preference

It mainly depends on whether consumers have any special consumption habits or buying preferences, which is more conducive to mastering consumer demand. For example, some people buy clothes to cover their bodies and keep warm, some for the pursuit of beauty, and some to reflect their own economic strength.Therefore, enterprises can segment the market according to interest variables to determine the target market.