What If The Cowhide Purse Changes Color

- Jun 21, 2019-

Wallet has a lot of material, leather wallet also has a lot of kinds, no matter what leather man's wallet is, when a wallet is used for a long time, it will appear the phenomenon of color changing. The general performance is: leather surface appears the polyester protective layer of white part, sometimes also appear yellow material. In fact, we do not need to worry too much, leather wallet will have this kind of problem as long as the use of time is long enough. So how do you clean up the discoloration?

There are many ways to treat it, both chemically and physically, but professional purse care stores do it by gently rubbing the discolored parts of the purse's surface with a soft abrasive. And we don't usually do that. It is not cost-effective and time-consuming to go to a professional wallet care shop because of a few problems with your wallet. 

1. Use a mixture of water, alcohol and milk to clean up. 

2. Use toothpaste, don't laugh, in fact, the abrasive ingredients in toothpaste can also be used to wipe the leather wallet, but because the abrasive ingredients in the toothpaste is relatively hard, so wipe it gently, otherwise it will appear scratches.

If the wallet is not used for a long time, it can cause the wallet mildewy, so treatment should be like this: use  40 degrees warm water + soap, put the wallet as well, into the soap in warm water, soak in about 10 minutes for regular processing - his wallet with a soft cloth or sponge to wipe clean, and dry it in a cool ventilated place your purse!

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