What Is Artifical Leather

- Sep 02, 2019-

Artificial leather is also known as imitation leather or rubber plastic which is the general term for PVC, PU and other artificial materials. It is made of various kinds of PVC and PU foaming or laminating materials with different formulations. It can be made according to the requirements of different strength, wear-resisting degree, cold resistance degree, color, gloss and pattern. 

Compared with real leather, it is characterized by various colors and varieties, good waterproof performance, neat edges, high utilization rate and low price. However, most artificial leather cannot achieve the effect of real leather in hand feel and elasticity. The small bubble hole, cloth or surface film and dry artificial fiber can be seen from the longitudinal section. It is a kind of very popular material from the early days until now, which is commonly used to make various leather products, or some leather materials. Its increasingly manufacturing process is being widely used in the processing of the second layer of leather. 

Nowadays, artificial leather with extremely similar characteristics to real leather has been produced on the market. Its surface technology and the fiber structure of the base material almost reach the effect of real leather. The cost of high end artifical leather is compared with that of common first layer cow leather. 

Pls find leather portfolios made of pu leather as below for reference: