What Is Loose Leaf Notebook

- Apr 12, 2019-

Loose-leaf notebook is also called ring binder notebook.From the word "loose-leaf", we can know: the inside of loose-leaf notebook (inner core paper) can be taken out or added at will.Specially designed loose-leaf notebooks can also be called efficiency manuals, multifunction notepad, multipurpose manuals, multipurpose notepads...

Loose-leaf notebook is one of the most commonly used stationery in daily work and study.The biggest difference with ordinary notepad is that loose-leaf notebook is more flexible. The paper can be disassembled, replaced, or in any combination. Users can also DIY it  based on their own preferences. A loose-leaf notebook can be used for taking notes, notes and drafts. 

There are 6 ring binder or 9 ring binder that can be used in the notebook.  The size can be in A4, A5, B5, B6 ect. Both real leather and imitation leather can be used to made notebook or diary cover.