What Is Lychee Grain Leather

- Sep 17, 2019-

Lychee grain is a kind of embossed leather grain. Lychee grain, as its name implies, is just like the surface grain of lychee. Embossed litchi grain: it is a finished product made of cowhide, which is pressed by steel embossed litchi grain.

The use of litchi grain

Litchi grain leather is widely used in portfolios, bags, leather wallets and other leather products.

Litchi pattern

Litchi grain cowhide is divided into litchi grain genuine cowhide and litchi grain transfer film cowhide. Litchi grain genuine cowhide is the skin of the belly of cattle. The surface has original skin characteristics, pores and clear skin texture. It is composed of a dense and thin fiber layer and a slightly loose transition layer tightly together which is with good strength, elasticity and process plasticity.

Characteristics of lychee grain

Genuine Litchi grain cowhide characteristics: when gently pressed down, there are wrinkles on the leather surface. Litchi grain transfer film cowhide, is a variety of leather scraps after breaking into polyethylene material, into the template with litchi grain through high temperature, pressure, and then carry out painting process, namely the production of litchi grain transfer film cowhide.Litchi grain film transfer characteristics: leather is very thick and there is no wrinkles when pressed down.