What Is Synthetic Leather

- May 16, 2019-

Synthetic leather is a kind of plastic product which simulates the composition and structure of natural leather and can be used as its substitute material.The surface is mainly polyurethane, the base material is polyester, cotton, polypropylene and other synthetic fibers made of non-woven cloth. The front and back side of the synthetic leather are very similar to the genuine leather which have certain permeability. The Characteristic is burnish beautiful, not easy mildew and bug eat by moth, and more close to natural leather than common artificial leather.

There are many kinds of synthetic leather, and all kinds of synthetic leather have the common characteristics of synthetic fiber nonwoven fabric base and polyurethane microporous surface layer.The surface of synthetic leather is smooth, have same thickness and thinness, uniform in color and strength. It is better than natural leather in waterproof, acid-alkali resistance and microorganism. 

Synthetic leather is the most suitable material for padfolio, compendium, ring binder cover and presentation folder.  It has the similar look as pure leather but with much lower cost. It is the best choice for office leather products.