What Is Thermal Discolor Leather

- Jul 15, 2019-

After the thermal pressure of the hot press, the surface of the leather is subjected to a similar carbonization reaction, which imitates the mark left by the scorch of the real leather at high temperature, leading to the darkening of the color scale of the hot press surface, so it is called color-changing leather.

Manufacturing process: this is a PU surface layer and BASE layer of leather added with color-changing resin, after infiltration, it will be processed for release paper veneer or embossing, printing and made.

The color change leather feels comfortable and has certain damping. After the hot press, the back layer will become darker. For example: bright red becomes dark red, grass green becomes dark green, orange becomes dark yellow, earth yellow becomes coffee, purple becomes black. The color change leather are mainly used for making notepad, diary, journal and presentation folder.