What Is Top Layer Leather?

- Dec 10, 2018-

Grain leather: Among the many leather varieties, the whole grain leather tops the list, because it is processed from the fine raw material skin with less disability, the leather surface remains intact and the coating is thin and can show The natural beauty of the animal skin. It is not only wear resistant, but also has good gas permeability. Tianhu series leather goods use this kind of leather as raw materials to produce high quality leather products, such as Leather Wallet, Leather Card Holder and Vintage Leather Diary.

Trimming leather: It is made by using a leather machine to finish the surface and then apply the corresponding pattern. In fact, it is a "cosmetic" of the natural leather surface with disability or roughness. This leather almost lost its original surface condition.

Full grain leather characteristics: divided into soft leather, wrinkle leather, front leather and so on. The characteristic is that the grain is completely preserved, the pores are clear, small, tight, irregularly arranged, the surface is full and meticulous, elastic and good in gas permeability, and it is a high-grade leather. Leather products made from this cowhide are comfortable, durable and beautiful. Semi-grain leather characteristics: It is processed and polished into only half of the grain during the production process, so it is called semi-grain leather. Maintaining the style of natural leather, the pores are flat and elliptical, the arrangement is irregular, and the hand feel is hard. Generally, the raw material skin with poor grade is selected. Therefore, it is a mid-range leather. Due to the special nature of the process, the surface is free from scratches and scars and the utilization rate is high, and the finished product is not easily deformed, so it is generally used for large-sized briefcase products with a large area.

The characteristics of shaved leather: also known as "glossy cowhide", the market is also called matte, glossy cowhide. The surface is smooth and smooth without pores and skin texture. In the production, the surface grain surface is slightly grounded, and a layer of colored resin is sprayed on the leather to cover the surface of the leather and then sprayed with water-based resin. Therefore, it is a high-grade leather. . Especially the bright leather, its bright and dazzling, noble and gorgeous style, is the popular leather of fashion leather goods.

Special effect cowhide characteristics: The production process requires the same modified leather, only in the colored resin with beads, metal aluminum or copper metal for the comprehensive spraying of leather, and then roll a layer of water-based light transparent resin, the finished product has various Glossy, bright village, graceful and luxurious, is currently popular leather, is a mid-range leather.

Embossed cowhide characteristics: The patterned leather panels (aluminum, copper) are used to heat and press various patterns on the leather surface to form a style of leather. At present, there is a popular "Litchi-grain cowhide" in the market, which uses a flower plate with a pebbled pattern, and the name is also called "Litchi-grain cowhide".