What Is Vegetable Leather

- Mar 08, 2019-

A vegetable tanned cowhide is usually very pale yellow in color, but also ivory white or white pink.This kind of leather is with small retractility. After absorbing water, it can become soft and produce plasticity, which suit to do leather carving work and leather handicraft.

The color of the plant tanning leather will become darker and darker with time passing. In the picture below, it shows the brand new leather, one month and four months respectively (the color will gradually deepen).

Vegetable leather

Greasing and maintenance of vegetable tanned leather results in a rapid darkening of the color. If greased and exposed to sufficient sunlight, the color of vegetable tanned leather can be several times darker in three to six months.  For the tannic leather, the longer time it is used, the softness of the leather will be better. The or oil cent it absorbs, the color will be also darker.

If you have a tanning leather wallet, leather journal, leather ring binder or other small leather accessories, pls try to maintain it in a correct way to keep it in a good looking.