Who Needs A Leather Padfolio

- Nov 08, 2019-

If you are a salesperson who wants to make a marketing plan to a customer and you want to make a good impression, your best bet maybe a leather padfolio. A padfolio in this case allows you to organize your meeting well – with a notepad on the side for taking notes, and a sufficienntly large pocket on the other side for storing business cards, post-it notes, and catalogs or brochures for handing out during your presentations.

If you are a visual artist who needs to be on the go, a portfolio will come in very handy for you. With ample space and secure zippers, your tools like brushes, pencils, and pens will never fall out and get lost. Bringing these tools with you allows you to sketch while on the road or take important notes. A large compartment on the side further allows you to bring your tablet or a small laptop to make turn on your graphics program like Adobe Illustrator.