Why The Color Of Loose-leaf Notepad Cover Fade

- Sep 09, 2019-

Leather Notebook products is an indispensable daily office supplies in our work and life. In the current market, there are variety of notebooks. As a kind of strong usability, convenient type, loose-leaf notebook  has been under a lot of consumer recognition and praise, but sometimes we can find loose-leaf notebooks will appear fade phenomenon. What reason cause this kind of phgenomenon? Pls find the relevant introduction and answer as below:

It is common that there is color fading in loose-leaf notebook cover. But many consumers often think that there is a problem with the printing paper. In fact, in the process of manufacturing many aspects may make the color of loose-leaf notebook fading. 

The first is the impact of ink on paper. The paper we generally used to print has Acidic and basic capacity, which will have a certain impact on the durability of paper color. The stronger acid paper will make ink discolored and then make the color faded. Too alkaline on the impact of ink is more serious, alkaline substances will react with ink, and then make it faded. 


In addition, in the production process of loose-leaf notebook, printing environment temperature is also an important cause of color loss. In the manufacturing process of loose-leaf notebook, printer and ink roller, high-speed operation will occur heat, so that the ink occurs discoloration,  so in the selection of ink choosing better heat resistance products is very important.